High Value Seminars

Our Seminars bring together a blend of the core principles that govern individual industries, with the real-world practicalities of delivering within these industries in our ever increasingly demanding society.

We blend our expertise with that of other key individuals in our chosen industries to create truly exceptional value for seminar attendees.

Our aim is to create an environment and provide you with the tools necessary for growth. We give the ideal time and space required to achieve this.


We provide a blend of optimum technology usage, meticulous planning and expertise


Our seminars are designed for attendees to be immersed in the content and activities while gain key knowledge


We take a keen look at the principles that govern each area and what can be learned from these


Most importantly we bring everything together in a package that can be used in practical day-to-day situations.

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Enhancing Assessor Practice

assessors assemble

Counting towards the annual CPD requirement, trainers and assessors attending this session will receive specialised training and support that ties the principles of assessment practice whilst balancing the reality of teaching and training in a changing landscape and under the pressures of a competitive and demanding occupation.

Team Building Within and Between Teams

team discussion

Team building in the workplace significantly contributes towards employee motivation and building trust among the employees, thereby ensuring better productivity. Our session is designed to help employees and management better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. This understanding helps them work even better together on future progress vital to an organisation.

Client/Learner Engagement and Response

client huddle

In business it is essential that value is effectively delivered to the consumer. Right throughout the value chain there ought to be a clear, coherent and coordinated approach to ensuring that this is done in the most effective way possible. This training will equip each attendee with the principles and practicalities behind making their stop in the chain full value.

Leadership and Management

leadership talk

Two concepts often thrown together, but with a vast array of interpretations and administration. Using a 360, practical and easily identifiable approach; this training focus on the conversion of various approaches from leadership and management into results.

Maximising Productivity with Optimum Technology Usage


Often productivity is halted and slowed through the use of ineffective systems and processes. This programme shows how you can use technology to make tweaks, changes and updates to these processes which in turn can massively improve productivity of an organisation. This can change tasks and projects that are cumbersome and slow into rapid and effective activities, and much of this can be done through effective use of the software that is already at our disposal.

Choice Curation and Decision Making

decisions decisions decisions

Before making key decisions of any level of importance; it is vital to have a clear understanding of what the choices are and the permutations that come along with them. This training provides the methodology behind discovering and assessing the full range of options that deliver value to your business.

Managing Managers and Top-Tier Governance

managing managers

This training is essential for any person with responsibility of those responsible for resources within a company. Managing managers, supervisors and team leaders etc, is a balancing act which can bring forward tremendous yield from relatively small changes to approach. Working smarter and not harder is never more pertinent than when it comes to this aspect of human resource management.

Workflow Management and Project Pathways

working on projects

Drawing from renowned theorists and literature, working effectively is a well discussed and fairly standard aspect of training given to professionals. This course adds real value by applying practical solutions to workflow problems. Particularly as workload increases beyond sociable working hours.

Task Management and Efficiency Navigation

task management

Sometimes success is a journey and not a destination. If the cost of the road travelled is higher than the reward obtained, then there has been a mismanagement of the process. Strategic planning and the ability to route and re-route are brought to attention in this course.

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