Who We Are

Pro-Ex Development is a specialist seminar and apprenticeship company founded by Charles Bamikole, Jankee Punja and Deola Sulola.
Drawing from several years of experience in management, staff development, teaching and training.
Pro-Ex combines, core development principles with practical real world application to deliver superior professional development progression.
Having entered the market delivering highly successful and bespoke seminars to national clients, Pro-Ex is now re-calibrating its service offer to establish itself as a seminar and apprenticeship company that spans different sectors, industries and vast geographical loci to pull together best practice and arrange a delivery programme that unlocks human resource potential and productivity.

What We Do

Our method, takes the form of a 360-sensory training approach, using a blend of technology, practicality and human interaction to ensure that information is gathered effectively and cascaded efficiently. We have created a fine tuned training formula and an innovative delivery approach to create and maintain the value of our seminar programmes.
We believe our approach is the future of seminar delivery and corporate external staff development and that our format will grow to become the new industry standard of seminar excellence. Our business model is focused on quality and refinement such that the impact on our service users is always of high value and represents a clear return on investment.
Current sectors and service areas:
  • Corporate and large enterprises
  • Small and medium sized enterprises
  • Education and training
  • Health and social care sector

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